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Industry News

How Turbado / Bestcena was selling phones the cheapest in Poland.

Posted: 14 February

How Bestcena was selling phones the cheapest in Poland. The history of the jump at millions of euros

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We are witnessing the biggest scam on retail in 20 years - says the supplier injured by the owner of Bestceny.


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UAE could lift WhatsApp call ban, says top cybersecurity chief

Posted: 8 November

UAE could lift WhatsApp call ban, says top cybersecurity chief

Mohamed Al Kuwaiti revealed discussions have taken place with Facebook-owned WhatsApp

The ban on WhatsApp calls in the UAE could soon be lifted, according to the executive director of the country’s National Electronic Security Authority, Mohamed Al Kuwaiti.

Al Kuwaiti was speaking on American news channel CNBC and revealed that discussions had taken place with Facebook-owned WhatsApp...

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Successful action against VAT fraud with mobile phones

Posted: 24 October

The Hungarian, German, Austrian, Slovakian and Latvian authorities, with the support of Eurojust and Europol, have this month undertaken a successful four-day operation against large-scale VAT fraud involving the sale of mobile telephones by an organised crime group (OCG) in Hungary. Hearings were conducted for nine suspects (with six suspects in pre-trial detention), 37 searches were carried out, and items with a value of EUR 7 million were seized...

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Posted: 12 August


Be aware a truck was targeted and broken into by an organised gang.

The stock was recently Stolen in Staffordshire, UK

Please be careful and vigilant and pass info on to freight forwarders.

Stay safe and do not forget to always insure the goods!


290 x S10+ 512gb Black
240 x S10+ 512gb White
70 x S10+ 1TB Black

EU spec master carton

IMEI List of STOLEN Phones


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Eurojust helps Italy and Slovenia unravel massive VAT fraud

Posted: 24 June

Eurojust helps Italy and Slovenia unravel massive VAT fraud

The Hague, 24 June 2019

With the assistance of Eurojust, the Italian authorities seized almost EUR 84 million after unravelling a VAT fraud scheme involving the marketing of technological and computer products in the region of Campania. A total of 49 suspects are under investigation for tax crimes committed through so-called ‘carousel fraud’ by collecting the VAT for themselves...

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