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How Can IPT Help You?

Stay Ahead

Our number one objective is to help members do more business. IPT opens doors to new opportunities.

IPT proactively introduces companies with similar trading interests. With an emphasis on quality, we pride ourselves on helping our members create and sustain the best business relationships.

Stay Connected

We don’t just see ourselves as part of the industry, we are the glue that holds it together.

Hosting international events, trade shows and providing regular industry updates are some of the ways that we help our members stay connected.

Stay Secure

Lean on our experience and knowledge to be part of a safer trading community.

IPT are meticulously thorough and vigilant when approving companies. This way, our members enjoy a safer environment to do business.

Protecting our members is critical to our level of service, which is why we have our ear to the ground to keep members informed of industry issues ahead of time.

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