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Cloning Attempt against PCS Wireless

01 November 2018

Cloning Attempt against PCS Wireless

Please be advised that an unknown party unaffiliated and not associated with PCS Wireless is trying to defraud PCS Wireless customers and business partners by claiming it is PCS Wireless and providing alternate wire transfer instructions and invoices.

PCS Wireless has not changed its wire transfer information which has been the same for years.

If you receive any suspicious communications or a communication from “Jim Keller” (even if it appears to be from sales@pcsww.com) or from any other person not known to you who claims to be a representative of PCS Wireless (or who claims to provide alternate wire transfer information), do not respond to them, do not send funds to them, and please immediately contact Joshua Heller, General Counsel, at joshua.heller@pcsww.com 

Click below for a sample of the fraudulent invoices and note that our invoices do not look like this, as well as additional information on "Jim Keller":

Additional Information

Sample Invoice

Stay safe and do not allow these fraudsters to steal your money! 

Thank you.

Guddi (Geetanjali) Arora
t. +1.973.805.7400 Ext. 112 
f. +1.973.301.0975
Skpe ID: Guddi.Arora


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